The times they are a changing

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The only constant in life is change, and with that sentiment - I am thinking seriously of closing this website and moving to facebook.




For some time now - every post I put here I have been also posting something similar on facebook to the NZ Model Engineers site or similar. There I get dozens of comments and hundreds of veiws within hours.

I used to get email from all around the world from people who were watching this site, but now that is very rare.

I still subscribe to 7+ngm and Live Diesel Yahoo groups - but have watched them wither from hundreds of posts per day to nothing for weeks.

The times - they are a-changing.


Should I keep this site? send me an email with your opinion.

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Feb Steam up cancelled

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Apologies one and all, but the fire-ban season is upon us, and we will have to postpone Feb steam up from the 7th - until we get some rain. It is just too risky right now, and railway funds wont cover the cost of fighting a bush fire!

For those that may not be aware - living in a rural area requires me to carry rural fire insurance. Law says that any fire in the countryside can be charged across ALL landowners in the general area as a levy. Insurance will not cover us if the fire was started on our property and we could be liable to court cases from all other landowners who could be levied. This is in addition to any punitive damages the court may hand down for not having a fire permit. A bit higher chance of damage and liability than our cousins in the city.

Currently the area is in 'restricted' mode - which means no open or contained fires without a permit - and I expect we will go to a total fire ban within the next few days 

Will advise new date asap.

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Steam Up Jan 10 2015

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Here are a few of the photos taken during our steam up last weekend. We had several visiting locomotives and it was a great day for all.


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