Milestone: Working Signals!

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Bit of a milestone at the working bee yesterday - we got our first signals lit. The objective was to set up two signals at either end of the single line section complete with two axle counters under test conditions.

Pete Phelan has been busy making signals for the railway over the past few months and it was great to finally see them come to life.

Peter V, Peter P and recent recruit Scott Neill set up temporary circuits & axle counters on the back of the cable trunking we have been busy installing for the past few months. 

Noel has been developing the software to detect trains and control the signals, and all were very pleased to see the first train count in, then out of the section perfectly!

Much remains to be done, but all had a feeling of accomplishment.

Rod was busy on the shed on the new water crane that will be sent away with the signal gantry for galvansing real soon now.


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Working Bee Feb 15, 2015

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Had a good day today. Peter P, Peter Van, Rod and myself got a lot done on the signalling system.


Noel has taken over from me on the software writing/debugging and doing a sterling job. He produced a temporary wiring diagram for his tests (using a couple of signals, axle counters etc on our single line section).

We have terminated the cables in the signal box and also at a location cabinet at one end of the Winter Creek Junction.

Weed spraying and other jobs were also done today.

Next working bee - next Sunday.

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