Custom Springs for the Diesel

Published by Chris Draper at 4:29 PM under Diesel Locomotives

Suspension was always going to be tricky for my diesel, but luckily I found a company that took all the hard work away. Spring Specialists here in Auckland who custom make any spring from cellphone keypad to heavy duty truck springs.

I specified the diameter had to be just less than the 24mm pocket size, the free length should be 70mm and when compressed to 50mm long it should be supporting a design weight of 30kg.

From that information they calculated the spring wire size (3.5mm), and recommended a diameter of 20mm so the spring had some space to flex as it compressed as well as allowing for the side to side movement of the axleboxes in the horns (up to 5mm each way). They could not have been more helpful.

They appologised for charging a setup fee for such a small order (20) and produced them in 2 days for $9 each. Great value in my book.

When I turned up to collect them today they also showed me part of their extensive 'odds and ends' collection they have and welcomed me back to delve into it should I find the need.

Great Service from a local company.

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Chris's Diesel Locomotive Project Gallery

Published by Chris Draper at 4:07 PM under Diesel Locomotives

This gallery contains a photo record of construction of my DFT locomotive. This is an New Zealand prototype - build in London, Canada by EMD as non-turbocharged GL-22M. A refurbishment some years back saw the fitting of a modern turbo charger and these units have a wonderful SD45 - SD 60 kind of sound.  In New Zealand the ride-on hobby is focussed on steam locomotives faithful to the prototype. I am determined to go to the same lengths to obtain an authentic diesel. No parts being available everything is built from scratch. My locomotive is being built in 2.1" to the foot scale - correct for 7.25" guage as New Zealand runs narrow guage (3 foot 6inch guage). This makes for a large locomotive!

(click on any picture to get a larger view complete with caption.)


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