New Signals - New Water Crane - New Loco!

Sorry I have been a bit lax posting on the website, but much is happening here at the WCR.


Peter P has been busy making more signals, and the Junction South Gantry is now fully adorned and really looking the part. The truss (built by Noel - his first welding project) is due to go away for galvanizing shortly. Peter V has offered to source the number boards.

Rod McKechnie has joined our merry band - a railway electrician by trade and Peter P is very grateful of a kindred soul in things electrical. This means we have two Peters, two Rod's and two James so expect more use of surname initials

Rod C offered to take over from me in construction of the water crane down at the junction. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth - Rod was loaded up with suitable quantites of galvanised pipe and disappeared home. Was expecting to see a great job on his return - but as you can see from the photos its a masterpiece! When challenged about all the expensive stainless steel he was heard to quip "I've got plenty lying about that I wont use and its better than that galvanised stuff". Thanks Rod.

A week or so ago I received am email from what turned out to be a secret admirer. Paul Milner wrote:

"Having read of your intention to encourage at your railway I wondered if this might be something that you could use with the youngsters. It is basically a Fowler inspection car used on Indian Railways in the 1800s, with a footprint of 720mm x 1400mm. It’s a full rolling chassis, there are a pair of electrical motors supplied by Dave Giles and much of the body work is done but not assembled."

YES PLEASE! Another small electric loco would be most useful for our newer members who generally arrive loco-less but are keen to join in on running days.

So I spend a pleasant time at Paul's home yesterday looking at his garden railway and workshop before loading up the Fowler and heading home. Peter P, Scott and I looked over it today to work out what needs to be done. Scott will adopt it and complete the job - with help from the others as required as he is new to this end of the hobby. He went off tonight thinking about where he can scrounge some batteries from.

Looking to hold a running day weekend after Easter. Working bee on signalling and track next weekend - day to be determined


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Milestone: Working Signals!

Published by Admin at 2:28 PM under Signalling System

Bit of a milestone at the working bee yesterday - we got our first signals lit. The objective was to set up two signals at either end of the single line section complete with two axle counters under test conditions.

Pete Phelan has been busy making signals for the railway over the past few months and it was great to finally see them come to life.

Peter V, Peter P and recent recruit Scott Neill set up temporary circuits & axle counters on the back of the cable trunking we have been busy installing for the past few months. 

Noel has been developing the software to detect trains and control the signals, and all were very pleased to see the first train count in, then out of the section perfectly!

Much remains to be done, but all had a feeling of accomplishment.

Rod was busy on the shed on the new water crane that will be sent away with the signal gantry for galvansing real soon now.


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Working Bee Feb 15, 2015

Published by Admin at 1:10 PM under

Had a good day today. Peter P, Peter Van, Rod and myself got a lot done on the signalling system.


Noel has taken over from me on the software writing/debugging and doing a sterling job. He produced a temporary wiring diagram for his tests (using a couple of signals, axle counters etc on our single line section).

We have terminated the cables in the signal box and also at a location cabinet at one end of the Winter Creek Junction.

Weed spraying and other jobs were also done today.

Next working bee - next Sunday.

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The times they are a changing

Published by Admin at 3:36 PM under

The only constant in life is change, and with that sentiment - I am thinking seriously of closing this website and moving to facebook.




For some time now - every post I put here I have been also posting something similar on facebook to the NZ Model Engineers site or similar. There I get dozens of comments and hundreds of veiws within hours.

I used to get email from all around the world from people who were watching this site, but now that is very rare.

I still subscribe to 7+ngm and Live Diesel Yahoo groups - but have watched them wither from hundreds of posts per day to nothing for weeks.

The times - they are a-changing.


Should I keep this site? send me an email with your opinion.

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Feb Steam up cancelled

Published by Admin at 2:36 PM under Operating Days

Apologies one and all, but the fire-ban season is upon us, and we will have to postpone Feb steam up from the 7th - until we get some rain. It is just too risky right now, and railway funds wont cover the cost of fighting a bush fire!

For those that may not be aware - living in a rural area requires me to carry rural fire insurance. Law says that any fire in the countryside can be charged across ALL landowners in the general area as a levy. Insurance will not cover us if the fire was started on our property and we could be liable to court cases from all other landowners who could be levied. This is in addition to any punitive damages the court may hand down for not having a fire permit. A bit higher chance of damage and liability than our cousins in the city.

Currently the area is in 'restricted' mode - which means no open or contained fires without a permit - and I expect we will go to a total fire ban within the next few days 

Will advise new date asap.

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Steam Up Jan 10 2015

Published by Admin at 12:24 PM under Diesel Locomotives | Operating Days | Steam Locomotives

Here are a few of the photos taken during our steam up last weekend. We had several visiting locomotives and it was a great day for all.


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