Chris's Diesel Locomotive Project

Published by Chris Draper at 1:28 PM under Diesel Locomotives

My Locomotive has languished for years as the track took priority on time and cash. I've come home from Adelaide determined to finish the project asap - and taking some time off working helps - together with the motivation a new Milling machine and Lathe can bring!


UPDATE:- Added photo of completed air cylinders - pistons next...


Here are some earlier progress shots:


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April Steam Up

Published by Admin at 4:36 PM under Operating Days

We are aiming to have a running day every first Sunday of the month, and April's occured the Sunday just gone. Grant Alexander came from Cambridge and steamed his phantom locomotive, while James, his friend Ely and I put a fire in the Brit. Steve Day & Peter Phelan were present for part of the day also.

Peter van Grisven hosted a number of visitors from the 9mm and 3/16 NZR modelling fraternity:- Neville Connew who brought a beautiful F guards van, Steve Smith, Andrew Stevens, Scott Neill, Graham Dredge and Trevor Cheer.

Grant took some excellent pictures and video which can be seen on his facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/SquirrelValleyRailway including one of Neville's Guards van.

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Published by Admin at 2:13 PM under Operating Days

Safely arrived home to the Winter Creek after a 15 month stint on the Adelaide project which saw us living there for the last 13 months.

Busy having a big clean up in the workshop and the property - but lots of activity planned for the WCR. We have agreed to hold a steam up 1st Sunday every month as a minimum!

Rumour has it new machinery and locomotives will be seen lurking at the WCR over the next while. Stay tuned

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New Loco bound for the WCR

Published by Admin at 8:49 PM under Steam Locomotives

UPDATE: Some additional photos added 1st Dec 2013

George has recently returned from his annual pilgrimage to the mainland - and returned with a 5" guage Garratt seen here.

The prototype is an AD60 from across the ditch in Australia.

George and his good friend Peter van Grinsven are joint shareholders and are searching for drawings and some advice from other builders of this fine loco. If you know of anyone please drop me a line here and I will pass the details on. There are at least three other examples we know of and probably more.

I am looking forward to seeing this beauty moving under its own steam around the WCR.


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April Progress

Published by Chris Draper at 6:14 PM under Track Construction

The guys have done a lot of work down at Winter Creek Junction.

Loading these photos tonight with a glass of wine in my Adelaide City Apartment and feeling rather homesick for a cuppa in the workshop and the smell of oil, coal and the sound of steam through green bush!



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Jan 2013 Activity

Published by Chris Draper at 10:22 AM under Track Construction

Here is an update on the last three weeks of effort from the team while I watch from Adelaide.

13 Jan 2013

Bill Parker has got the water pump working reliably on the Hunslet
Bill (Williams) and Jim did the weed spraying on the track
Rod lubricated all the turnouts and linkages
Jim finsihed off his concret junction box mold

20 Jan 2013

George painted the inside of the signal box
Rod measured up for the new loco shed (This will be located down near the signal box for members locos)
Jim worked on the concrete junction boxes for the signalling system
Peter dug a trench through the steaming bays for a compressed air line

26 & 27 Jan 2013 

Rod, Jim, Bill and Peter put a lot of effort into finishing the steaming bays. Only one left to do


Whew! - at this rate the railway will be in top-notch condition when I return from Adelaide!


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