Interesting Sites & Links

Here is a few sites I like to visit:

Manukau Live Steamers - My local club

Train Talk TV - Neil Enock's Podcast on things railway - model, miniature and prototype. He accepts news and events from all around the world.

Invensys Rail - A.K.A. Westinghouse Rail - where I work. Yes I get paid to work on a railway too!

Train Mountain - The Worlds largest Miniature Railway with over 20 Miles of track - Was lucky enough to be there for the 2009 Triennial meet.

Valley Signals - A site dedicated to New Zealand Signalling Practice, and special attention on the Hutt Valley Line.

Boulder Creek - Dave Webb's Tasmanian Railway. Dave and I have never met, but swap emails regularly on construction of our respective railways.

Driving Creek - Coromandel NZ. A public line and a strong influence on the Winter Creek. Spent a happy holiday helping Barry and the team a few years ago.

Whangaparoa Railway - Scott is a regular Tuesday nighter at the Winter Creek and is the engineering force behind this public line built by his late father.

Mainline Steam - Real honest to goodness steam in NZ. If you plan on coming to New Zealand, make sure you take in one of their trips!

7.25" In The Garden - John Oxlades site - very good!