Loco Lift

Published by Chris Draper at 5:05 PM under Diesel Locomotives

My Diesel project is getting too heavy to lift about by hand, so time-out from loco building was required to build the permanent lifting tackle. I acquired an Air-over-oil forklift with a 1 metric tonne capacity a few years ago, and while it has been useful for moving stuff about the workshop - it was time to adapt it for loco lifting.

The photos will show the almost-complete dual guage lift. The idea is it can be positioned on any of the three tracks coming into the workshop and lift equipment up for work, allow equipment to be transferred to permanently raised tracks or act as an unloading ramp for visiting equipment.

Most of the photos are self explanitory except the last: - I need a way of lifting the 120+ kg (250lb) frame on and off its trucks during this phase of the build.  Basically the idea is to position the loco on the hoist, lift it a couple of feet then place automotive axle stands on the floor directly under the loco's jacking points, lower the hoist and viola - the chasis is held clear of the trucks on the axle stands and the bogies can be rolled out underneath.

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